Janimal Photography by Janelle Huehnerfuss – A Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer

Janimal Photography specializes in lifestyle and wedding photography based Wausau, Wisconsin and also is available for travel. Janimal Photography practices natural light photography techniques to create high quality and authentic images. Some popular sessions include wedding, engagement, senior portrait, and general portrait photography.  Feel free to explore the site to learn more about Janimal photography, the photographer, session details or get in touch to book your very own unique photography session.

the girl behind


Hi, I’m Janelle an animal-loving, adventure-seeking, hip-hop dancing, small-town Wisconsin photographer with big dreams.  Most days you will find me in yoga pants, cuddling with my two puppies, Bella & Brody. Currently obsessed with oreo poptarts, taking baths & watching Game of Thrones. I like weird people, because I just happen to be one & as a side note I usually quote SpongeBob or Ace Ventura lines on a regular basis. “AAALrighty Then”

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I have been appointed many nick names in my life, for example: Jan, Nelly, Lilnel, Lil Jay, Jannie, JanMan, the list goes on… but one nickname to rule them all was Janimal. It seems to fit my crazy life & basically describes my whole childhood when I would pretend to be a lion and crawl, bite, scratch & growl at things (mostly my brother). I loved the idea of being something different & fierce, even if I looked like a complete fool. So, to all my friends out there BE BOLD & STAY WILD, deep down we are all a bunch of janimals

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