My name is Janelle and I am a adventure-seeking, animal-loving, hip hop dancing, natural light photographer who loves photographing people! Most days you will find me in yoga pants, cuddling with my two puppies, Bella & Brody. Currently obsessed with poptarts, taking baths & watching Game of Thrones. I like weird people, because I just happen to be one. Although, I have a fun side I feel I am very passionate and dedicated to the work I do. After graduating UWSP with a Bachelor of Science in Web and Digital Media Development, I began to really develop my passion for photography. I was published on multiple occasions by Photographer’s Forum Magazine as a finalist for 3 years in a row. I would say my overall vision for Janimal Photography is capturing aesthetic professional images and making your overall experience personable, unique & memorable. 


Why “Janimal” you ask? Well here is a little back story to let you know that there is some method to my madness. I have been appointed many nick names in my life, for example: Jan, Nelly, Lilnel, Lil Jay, Jannie, JanMan, the list goes on… but one nickname to rule them all, was Janimal. It seems to fit my crazy life & basically describes my whole childhood when I would pretend to be a lion and crawl, bite, scratch & growl at things (mostly at my brother). I loved the idea of being something different & fierce, even if I may look like a complete fool. So, to all my friends out there BE BOLD & STAY WILD, deep down we are all a bunch of JANIMALS.




What are people saying?

  • I was very pleased once we got our pictures back from Janelle. She captured our day perfectly. Not only does she have the perfect eye for photography but she is also very nice and easy to get along with. She captured every detail and I never noticed her walking around. Not only did she take beautiful pictures but she also put collages together and did photo edits. I would recommend Janelle to anyone getting married 100% of the time. She definitely went above and beyond our expectations!
  • Janelle was absolutely wonderful! Her creativity, energy, work-ethic & thoughtfulness made her the perfect photographer for our special day. She was able to capture every moment of love- from romantic pictures to adorable candids on the dance floor! She even climbed up a tree to get the shot she wanted of my husband and me!!! Janelle was very prompt in getting our pictures to us, as well- A WEEK LATER. Thanks Janelle!!
  • Janelle is an absolute joy to work with! Her creativity is unmatched, her technique is honed, and her positive energy allows for a wonderful sense of comfort and freedom within the shoot. She is terrific at guiding clients through her vision and also welcomes new impulses that could lead to unique images. I had a blast during the shoot and was thrilled to receive the link to the gallery. Ordering online was quick and easy and I could not wait to share the photos! I definitely recommend Janimal Photography.