Bridal & Boudoir Photography


What is a bridal photography session?

Bridal sessions are portrait sessions of a bride, or couple, in their bridal attire on a day other than their wedding day. This session can take place before or after the wedding day, and is a great way to ensure you get every photo that you want!

Why consider a bridal photography session?

Much like your engagement session, your bridal session will give you more one-on-one time with your photographer, me. You also get the chance to practice moving & posing in your wedding dress. When the big day arrives, you’ll be a pro! Use this opportunity to schedule a trial for your hair and makeup. It’s a great way to see how your hair and makeup will turn out in a photography setting which can help perfect your look for your wedding day.

Going together as in a couples bridal session is a great excuse to get dolled up, put on that beautiful wedding dress once again, and take stress-free photos with your new hubby.  Go to the locations you didn’t get to go to on your wedding day and get the chance to reminisce on one of the greatest days of your lives together.




What is a boudoir photography session?

My boudoir sessions are geared towards and exclusive to brides or brides-to-be to celebrate your confidence in a classy, sophisticated, and comfortable fashion. Boudoir photography is a great gift, whether it is for your significant other or as a celebration for yourself! 

When booking your wedding with me, be sure to ask about my exclusive boudoir sessions.





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