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When receiving your images by email, you will be given a 4-digit download pin to download your images in both high resolution and web-sized files. I never guarantee a particular amount of images; I typically estimate 75-125 per hour of photographing. If you would like some images in black and white, please let me know so I can provide those images for you. Although copyrights will belong to Janimal Photography, you will receive personal-use image rights for all of your specific images. That means you are free to share and use your images for your personal use. Prints are recommended to be done through the online gallery for best results. Below are some helpful tips and videos to make your experience as easy-going as possible. Any questions, please feel free to contact me (Janelle).



The biggest compliment you can give is to share your experience with others. When posting to any social media, I would greatly appreciate a “tag” or credit to the images. My instagram tag is @Janimal.Photography and facebook you can tag my photography page in your post description by typing in @Janimal Photography. In order to tag my pages you may have to follow my social media accounts below:



PICKING YOUR FAVORITES – You can create favorite lists by selecting and hitting the “heart” icon on your images. You can download specific favorite lists if if you don’t feel like downloading the entire album or for selecting your favorites to print.
DOWNLOADING TO COMPUTER the download pin will allow you to digitally download your files in both high resolution and web-size files that are optimized to share on social media. By hitting the download icon in the upper right-hand corner of the menu, you can download your images to your desktop computer.
UPLOADING TO SOCIAL MEDIA The “web-size” files are perfect for sharing on social media. I suggest that you upload your files from a desktop to social media’s such as Facebook. Again, sometimes uploading from your phone images can become pixelated or lose quality.  
PURCHASING PRINTS – You can purchase your prints directly through this website / online gallery, it is super easy and they are amazing quality products through a professional lab. There are options for customizable cards as well. If you are looking to create a photography album I highly recommend using Artifact Uprising.